Link Detox Genesis

Automatic link risk calculation based on machine learning

Spot unnatural links before Google does!

The Link Detox Genesis algorithm helps you spot unnatural links that are likely to trigger a Google filter or Manual Action Penalty.

Link Detox Genesis is used in our link risk rules with millions of data points that we constantly collect from the Web, user classifications and user feedback.

link detox genesis

Assess the risk of your backlinks!

Link Detox Genesis helps you make smart decisions about every single link.

This algorithm is designed to help you assess all your backlinks, recover from Google manual penalties, protect your website from future penalties, and build new strong links.


Link Detox Genesis makes your site audit work much easier

See how Link Detox Genesis can speed up your SEO work.
It gives links a label, marking them with a low, medium, or high link audit priority.

How Link Detox Genesis learns to estimate your link risk

Keyword Intelligence

Using the Keyword Intelligence of LinkResearchTools, we feed Link Detox Genesis with important information to rate links.

User Spam Ratings

Since 2012, every user of Link Detox helped improve our unnatural link classification. This brings us major leaps ahead of our competition. Nobody can turn back the time, nor get tens of thousands of sites as input data, as we did since launch in Summer 2012.

Google’s Spam Examples

We feed Link Detox Genesis with Spam Examples given by Google. Using this as a crowd-sourced seeding with input from Google themselves, we improve our results daily. 

Link Detox Google Penalty Recovery


How you can improve accuracy of your report in seconds

  • New link ratings incorporated into Link Detox Risk in seconds
  • New keyword classifications incorporated into Link Detox Risk in seconds
  • New disavowed links incorporated into Link Detox Risk in seconds
  • New Google spam examples incorporated into Link Detox Risk in seconds
  • Unlimited reprocessing of Link Detox reports for fast results
  • Speed up your workflow

Industry leading technology for the detection of unnatural and risky links 

Link Detox Genesis is a data-driven organic algorithm that brings detection of unnatural and risky links to a whole new level. Link Detox Genesis that not only works with common link risk detection rules but also adds millions of extra data points we have collected for years, from user-feedback and, of course hundreds of valuable ideas and feedback from our happy users.

Your opinion counts in Link Detox Genesis

Link Detox Genesis listens to you. If you don’t agree with our link ratings, you can rate the links YOUR way – as good or bad. Then reprocess the results for free to quickly see the analysis results that reflect YOUR opinion.

Best practices for using Link Detox Genesis

  • Analyze BOTH www and non-www

    Link Detox® must be run on a per-subdomain basis to analyze www and non-www domains. Examples like the one mentioned here make it very clear why you need to analyze both. We have a convenient feature for that to give you more precise results. If you do not combine both, then you might miss links and cross-effects between the two domains.


  • Classify more than 80% of your keywords

    We included our well-known keyword intelligence in Link Detox® to improve the accuracy of your analysis. To enable our risk rules and risk calculation, you have to classify at least 80% of the keywords. If you don’t, your results will be imprecise. But we recommend going further, ideally 100%. Thanks to our bulk keyword classification features, that works in a breeze most of the time. After you classify the keywords, you can reprocess the report for free. This is a huge benefit for serious Link Detox® consultants. If you are unsure how the classification works, we can show you in the free LRT Associate training – or you can find more info here.


  • Upload as many link source files as possible

    We recommend to upload as many link source files as you can. This could be link reports from past link building campaigns, automated link spamming tools or simply export from other tools.

    While we combine 24 link data sources and pull data from Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) you can never have enough data.

    Our software allows you to connect your Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) directly with the tool. Since the links shown in Google Search Console fluctuate on a daily base, it could be useful to import link data files that you have from the past.

    Nobody has a full link graph of the Web, not even Google, but we do have the biggest number of sources, and every extra bit of information is helpful and can be combined and verified by recrawling.


Link Risk Management


Link risk management is vital for your online business

With the push of a single button, you can recalculate the risk of your link profile. 

Do that at least once per week! Don't neglect your online assets, especially not in the real-time Penguin era.