Metrics used in Link Detox®

Link Detox uses top metrics from Link Research Tools

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Here’s a quick introduction about all the metrics and graphics used in Link Detox.

High Link Audit PriorityThis icon symbolizes all high link audit priorites to your site. You should immediately remove them.

Medium Link Audit PriorityThis icon symbolizes all medium link audit priorities to your site. You should investigate them.

Low Link Audit PriorityDon’t bury your head in the sand, we found some low link audit priorities too! :)

Link Detox RiskLink Detox Risk Score (DTOXRISK™)
This new DTOXRISK™ metric takes your Link Detox reports to a new level in giving you better insights. You can now take immediate action on managing the risk of your links better. When you use our Link Detox tool, you will be able to see what the level of risk is for each individual link and your entire backlink profile. DTOXRISK gives you the information you need to know and specifies what the problem is, so you can fix it fast to avoid a search engine penalty.

CEMPER Power*Trust™CEMPER Power*Trust™
Seriously, you can’t do any research on your links without this metric. Insiders are praising it since the beginning. The CEMPER Power*Trust is THE metric you need for judgment on link quality. Based on years of research and calculations, CEMPER.COM created an outstanding metric which determines the quality of a website according to its strength and trustworthiness.

The CEMPER Power metric, released in 2012, was the first metric that made Google PageRank™ completely obsolete. Similar to PageRank, the CEMPER Power metric determines the strength of a website based on the number and power of links. Due to inconsistent and partially random calculation values, CEMPER.COM declared the PageRank as legacy link metric. We still don’t recommend basing your decisions on PageRank for a variety of reasons.

Shortly after the release of CEMPER Power, CEMPER.COM created another unique metric to further evaluate the quality of a link. The CEMPER Trust metric is comparable to the TrustRank patent, and indicates the implied trust of the page in Google. In concept, the trustworthiness of a page is calculated by the inheritance of trust from trusted sites.

We’ve all heard about the punishments through Google’s Penguin Updates. So we created another unique metric to easily make a judgment on the quality of a link according to Google. The TitleRank metric measures how well a linking page ranks in Google for its page title. If it ranks on a very high page number or does not rank at all, it’s probably penalized.