Unnatural Link Warnings from Google


Got Unnatural Link Warnings from Google?

Locate and Cleanse “bad links” by using our Link Detox tool.

Link Data Sources

Supported by Data

Link Detox® is is supported by a huge data set and enriched with the most valuable metrics of the well-known LinkResearchTools® kit.

one-click check for bad links

One-Click Check

You don’t have to worry about unnatural link warnings from Google. With our tool’s easy interface, you can evaluate all bad links to your site with one click.

link detox filter options

Many Filter Options

Take command of your research with the extensive filtering options of LinkResearchTools – all fully included.

Remove Unwanted Links with PitchBox

Remove Unwanted Links

Enter your domain and Link Detox will show you the most critical links which should be removed immediately. Right from our tool, you can contact the site’s webmaster to request the link’s removal – courtesy of our PitchBox integration.

No Data Upload Required

No Data Upload Required

Just enter the domain you want to analyze and Link Detox will pull from 24 data sources to quickly find unwanted links pointing to your site. For a more detailed report, import data from Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) and other tools.

Simplified link review

Simplified Link Review

The Link Detox tool reviews all links to your website and separates them into low, medium and high link audit priorities. Now you can easily evaluate bad links to your site and clean up your link profile.

Find and Remove Your Dangerous Links

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