Got unnatural link warnings from Google?

Locate and Cleanse “bad links” by using our new Link Detox tool.

Your ultimate First-Aid Kit to detect malicious links

Nurse helps you detox your Links

Check for Bad Links

Introducing the latest innovation from CEMPER.COM. Link Detox is a stand-alone tool that supports you in identifying risky and suspicious links.

Unnatural link warnings from Google

Google Unnatural Links?

You don’t have to worry about unnatural link warnings from Google anymore. Those are a thing of the past. Because the interface of this tool is so easy to handle, you can evaluate all bad links to your site with one click.

Link Detox supports you in cleaning up

Clean Up Bad Backlinks

The Link Detox tool exposes risky and suspicious links, and helps you clean up your link profile. It is supported by a huge data set and enriched with the most valuable metrics of the well-known Link Research Tools kit.

Extensive filtering and export options


You don’t have to do your research without the extensive filtering options of Link Research Tools – all options are fully included without any extra effort.

A comprehensive analysis

Remove Unwanted Links

A comprehensive analysis is just a mouse click away. Enter your domain and Link Detox will inform you about the most “critical” links which should be removed immediately.

Link Detox

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The Link Detox tool reviews the links to your website and separates them into Link Audit Priorities. Now you can evaluate links to your site and clean up your link profile.