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We are really excited to see webmasters from all over the world use Link Detox™ to recover their search engine rankings, and more importantly bringing their websites to the top of search engines.

Link Detox is the most powerful and stable link audit technology for finding those unnatural, toxic, and risky links. We have helped 1000s of webmaster use Link Detox to clean-up their bad links to help them get their business back on track.

Link Detox is designed with all the recent Google Updates in mind, so you can rest assured that this is the most ‘up to date’ toxic link finding tool on the internet. And we will continue to bring Google Penalty Analysis and Cure to a whole new level for webmasters all over the world.

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Christoph C. Cemper
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Emil Sørensen

Emil Sørensen

Technical Director SEO at River Online

“I am very amazed with Link Dtox tool. I did some tests at first, then i saw many positive results. So i did some more tests, and the results was the same. Link Dtox saved me a lot of manuel work time. No SEO company can afford NOT to buy this amazing tool. I deal with a lot of SEO clients on a daily basis, and i would not trade this tool for any other.”

Kaan Gude

Kaan Gude

Digital Marketing Assistant at

“At we have successfully implemented the use of Link Detox in over 65 audits and 12 manual link clean-ups. We have reviewed over 750,000 links and with the help of Link Detox, we have significantly improved audit time and efficiency, as a result our clients can often overcome and prevent potentially disastrous Google Penalties. We have written a full blog review of Link Detox, available at here

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