Competitive Domain Analysis With Competitive Link Detox™

Find the strong and healthy links that your competitors have in common

Competitor analysis

In the Link Detox® toolkit, you also have the Competitive Link Detox tool that helps you learn why your competitors rank better than you or why you suffered a Google Penalty and they have not.

Find the strongest low-risk links that your competitors have in common and pick only the best to build for yourself.

Competitor Analysis With Competitive Link Detox

Adapt your SEO strategy to your niche

Compare your backlink profile with the ones of your top 10 competitors. This comparison will help put a better SEO strategy in place.

You need to know what are the normal link ratios and keyword ratios in your niche if you want to outrank your competitors.

Are you missing out on some links that you really should have?

Find on-topic backlinks that your competitors have, but you don’t and pick the best for yourself.

competitor analysisGet your competitor's strong links

See where your competitors are getting ALL their GOOD backlinks from

The Competitive Link Detox report automatically makes available for you a pre-defined filter slice called: "Strong Links of my competitors with low DTOXRISK" this will display all the strong links for all of your competitors.

If you're wondering why you can’t outrank your competition in the search engines, a comparison between their backlink profile and your own will give you a good answer to your question. Look at your competitor's strongest links and get the best for yourself. Your rankings will improve in no time.

Compare your average link risk with your competitors

Competitive Link Detox calculates the DTOXRISK for each domain and then displays the Domain-wide Detox Risk as an average for all the domains, the top 5, the top 3 and your own domain. If you are suffering from a Google Penalty, you will be able to see why immediately.

Check out the competitors that have a low DTOXRISK. Analyze their link building strategies and try to also build some of the strong, low-risk links they have.



Understand link ratios, risk levels and, keyword ratios for your niche

Starting from the idea that there are no magic ratios that apply to every niche, you need to look at your direct competitors to understand why they rank better than you.

By looking at the link ratios and link risk levels of the competitors that rank higher than you and compare their scores with the results your website got, you will understand what sort of links you're missing. And here's the best part, you can get link building ideas directly from your strongest competitors.

Apart from the link and risk ratio, you also need to look at the normal keyword ratios in your industry. Look at what ratios of brand, compound, money, and other keywords are expected in your niche. Try to blend in with the domains that are already ranking on the first page of Google.




backlink analysis


Outrank your competition quickly

Understand link ratios and risk levels for your niche and find strong links that your competitors have.