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 Link Detox is the industry standard for link audit and link risk management

On this page you will find a short description of Link Detox, the official logo variations, colors and a short bio of Christoph C. Cemper - the founder. 

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Link Detox

Recover your rankings, improve your rankings and build Penguin-friendly links!

Link Detox is a link audit tool created by Christoph C.Cemper in 2012, right after the first Google Penguin update. Throughout the years, Link Detox has helped thousands of clients recover from Google Manual Actions and Google Algorithmic Penalties.

Rich backlink data, combined with a smart algorithm and many years of continuous improvement make Link Detox the industry standard for link risk management and website audit.

Link Detox Official brand & design guidelines 


 These guidelines describe the visual and verbal elements that represent Link Detox's corporate identity. This includes our name, logo and other elements such as color, type and graphics.

Link Detox Logo


This is the main Link Detox logo and should be used in this form whenever possible.


Link Detox Logo Inverted


Link Detox logo for use on a dark background.


Link Detox Logo Green


You can use the monotone version of the Link Detox logo whenever using the default or inverted version is not possible.


Link Detox Official Colors Green

Detox Green

CMYK : C070 M000 Y100 K009

RGB : R015 G157 B088

Web : #0F9D58



Dark Grey

CMYK : C000 M000 Y000 K065

RGB : R102 G102 B102

Web : #666666

Link Detox Official Colors Mango Yellow

Mango Yellow

CMYK : C007 M031 Y094 K000

RGB : R238 G178 B017

Web : #EEB211


Christoph C. Cemper - Short Bio

 Founder & CEO of LinkResearchTools, Link Detox and Impactana


Christoph C. Cemper started working in online marketing in 2003 providing SEO consulting and link building services. Out of the need for reliable and accurate SEO software, he developed the first internal tools in 2006. This was the basis for the full product LinkResearchTools (LRT) launched to the public in 2009 as SaaS product with four tools. Thanks to ongoing development, LinkResearchTools now provides 21 tools with ever growing power, and functionality adapted to market requirements and Google changes.

When the famous Google Penguin update changed the rules of SEO in 2012, Christoph launched Link Detox, a software built for finding links that pose a risk in a website’s backlink profile. Christoph has been talking and writing about link risk management since early 2011 and introduced the technology and formal process for ongoing link audits in 2012 as well as pro-active removal and “disavow” of bad links.

In 2015, Christoph launched Impactana, a unique “Content Marketing Intelligence” technology that helps marketing professionals find content ideas that make an impact.