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Easy Backlink Cleanup With Two Simple Tools

There are many tools out there to help you identify the worst of your bad backlinks, but from my experience I would not look any further than my first recommended tool in my link cleanup process.


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returnon-digitalA Guide To Google Manual Penalty Removal & Recovery

We then used Link Research’s Detox Tool in order to filter out duplicate and site wide links and to obtain contact details for webmasters where possible. The tool also breaks down links into one of the three categories. We took the CSV output from the detox and added columns to flag if a link was to be removed if they had been contacted and if/when the link was removed.


Return On Digital

The full review is available at Return On Digital

suchradarChecking and Disavowing Links: Link Detox in practice

Google sends out notifications about “unnatural links” often in the Webmaster Tools and urges webmasters to remove them. Link Detox is designed to help you detect and remove risky links that may affect your rankings.


The full review is available at Such Radar (German) is Link Detox Important?

The tool provides an overall Link Detox Risk Score. Simply put, the score indicates the likelihood of incurring Google penalties – the lower the score, the more likely a site is safe.

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apasionados-del-marketingLink Detox One: Recover your website from a Google Penalty

Link Detox One is your strongest weapon against Google Penalties. 24 different link sources, a precise algorithm that detects risky links and unique technology that helps you recover from a Google Penalty faster.

Apasionados del Marketing

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