Link Audit and Link Risk Management

The benefits of using Link Detox


  • Find unnatural links fast and accurate
  • Clean up your backlink profile with ease
  • Machine-learning - we are learning from your decisions
  • Millions of data points and signals collected (also from Google)
  • Human-error prevention with disavow audit mode
  • The Original Link Audit Software - why settle for less?

What does the Google Penguin 4.0 Update (the real-time Penguin Update) mean for you?

Join our free webinar and learn what the “real-time” aspect of Google Penguin 4.0 means for you and your business.

Learn what new opportunities and threats your business faces with Google Penguin 4.0.

Link Detox is a product built by LinkResearchTools

LinkResearchTools combines link data from own and external link data sources and APIs and re-crawls, cleans, and verifies all these links for you. The completeness and accuracy of LinkResearchTools (LRT) is not only legendary but also the reason why they were built in the first place by Christoph C. Cemper.

LinkReaserchTools solves the data puzzle for you. No similar backlink tool shows you as much backlink data.

Link Detox helps you...


Earn Back Your Rankings


Find and remove toxic backlinks from your link profile. Perform your backlink audit with the original Link Detox.

Recover rankings from a Google Penguin or Manual Action Penalty. Link Detox is, since 2012, the leading product for website audit and Google Penalty Recovery.


Manage Your Link Risk


Invest in link risk management for ongoing link audit to prevent manual action penalties and Google Penguin problems that got even worse with the Real-Time Penguin updates.

Using Link Detox, you can find the risky links that may harm your site, create a disavow file automatically, and earn your rankings back.

Learn more about link risk management.


Improve Your Organic Traffic


A loss of search rankings will result in a loss in organic search traffic. A loss of organic search traffic will harm your business significantly.

By cleaning up your backlink profile and building new low-risk, strong backlinks, you can improve your website's organic traffic.

Link Detox Google Penalty Recovery


Use Link Detox to find risky links that may harm your site, create a disavow file automatically, and earn your rankings back.

Incoming links can affect Google’s opinion of a page or site. We recommend that you remove as many spammy or low-quality links from the web as possible. (GOOGLE)


Google confirmed many times, that having bad links to your website can affect your rankings.
The Google Penguin Updates that started to affect thousands of websites every day since 2012 confirm that.

Site link audit process with Link Detox by LinkResearchTools

Recover your rankings

You need to audit your full link profile on a regular basis. Only Link Detox combines 24 link data sources plus data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics and your custom link data file for this job. It's mission critical that you combine all data and look at a comprehensive backlink profile. If you miss potentially toxic links, you may never recover your rankings.

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Protect your rankings

Link Detox provides you with full disclosure on all details of why a link is considered as a potential risk for your website.

Link Detox also discloses all the domains that seem to belong to a link network. All this  helps you find and fix problems in your backlink profile fast.

 Build strong Penguin-friendly links

When you build new links, you need to know if they are fit for your backlink profile and your niche. Link Detox helps you assess link building opportunities, so that you can pick the strongest, Penguin-safe links.

In link building, you can also learn a lot from your competitors. As part of Link Detox, you have Link Alerts - a tool that will help you keep track of your competitor's new backlinks. All you need to do is apply what you learned from your competitors and outrank them.


Link Detox Risk


Link Detox Risk is our risk score calculated for every link and domain. Link Detox Risk helps you understand the risk and decide if you should  disavow a link, disavow and delete a link or keep a link.

Google Penalty Recovery Boost


Link Detox integrates with Link Detox Boost that helps you recover faster from a Google Penalty. We have seen extremely fast recoveries after using Link Detox Boost on client sites.

Find strong and healthy competitor links


Doing a Competitive Link Detox (CDTOX) is not to clean up your competition’s backlink profile. It’s to see what strong and healthy links they have that you don’t have. Competitive Link Detox also helps you understand the risk levels in your industry.

Custom Link Data

Custom Link Data


Upload any link data lists to Link Detox to enrich our back link data. It’s not required, but will help improve the full backlink profile audit. No worries if your data files are old, we will automatically de-duplicate, cleanup and re-crawl all the links.

Link Data Cleanup & Recrawl

Link data clean-up and re-crawl


We re-crawl every link before we assess its risk. It would be pointless to trust some old data and send you in the wrong direction. This key feature and the 24 link data sources make Link Detox the recommended premium solution for link audit and Google penalty recovery. 

Keyword Intelligence

Keyword Intelligence


Link Detox has the LinkResearchTools keyword intelligence technology built in. Of course it matters if a keyword is of a commercial nature in Google algorithm. Don’t settle for simpler solutions.


Filter Links By Anything – and any combination


The advanced link filter technology that that made LinkResearchTools so popular also powers Link Detox. Want to see all links ending in “links.html” on Russian domains with a Link Detox Risk score above average? Click-click we got you covered on this and many other filters.


Link Filter Slices – Remember your filters


You can save all your advanced filters for later use. We call this “Link Filter Slices” as it slices your backlink profile into slices like a yummy Pizza.

Bulk Actions on Links

Bulk Actions on Links


Save time with bulk actions on hundreds or even thousands of links in Link Detox. Just select a particular filter and apply multiple actions like disavow, rate link to tag link to this filtered set of links.

Disavow File Import & Generation

Disavow File Import & Generation


Link Detox supports the Google Disavow Tool since its availability in 2012. We’ve gone to great lengths to make the disavow file handling perfect for our users.

Disavow File Management

Disavow File Management


Your disavow file is managed centrally by Link Detox. We manage your disavow file, so you don’t have to.

Disavow File Audit mode


Take over a client without worries about the past disavows. Start with a disavow file audit and recover great links that were accidentally disavowed.

Disavow File Audit Log

Disavow File Audit Log


Link Detox has an audit log, so it keeps a history of all changes to your disavow files. It is a revision history of your disavow file that even lets you get back disavow files of the past.

Disavow File Comments

Disavow File Comments


Google won’t read your comments in the disavow file, but of course we support this feature by popular demand.

Link Opportunity Audit mode


Upload a list of links and simulate you would have them already. Link Detox will then calculate the potential risk for those links for you. Based on the Link Detox Risk score for each link you can decide to acquire it or not. 

Link Detox for Subfolders and Single URLs

Link Audit for Subfolders and Single URLs


Understand the risk of inbound links pointing to a subfolder or even a single page. This is a popular feature for large e-commerce sites.

Google Search Console Integration

Integration with Google Search Console


Increase the number of links analyzed by connecting with Google Search Console. We also support multiple GSC properties for the same website a secret tactic to get more links out of the Google webmaster tools.

Google Analytics Integration

Integration with Google Analytics


Increase the number of links analyzed by connecting with Google Analytics (GA).

Fine-Tune Link Detox


Adjust the Link Detox algorithm to your needs. Link Detox Tune is a unique feature that allows you to change the weight of any Link Detox rule. Very helpful for exotic niches. Also popular off-label use for black hat link building techniques, e.g. for building a PBN.

Screen Links in Link Detox Screener


Convenient manual review your links and the estimated risk in the Link Detox Screener. Use keyboard to navigate and disavow and tag your links. 

Progressive NoFollow Links Audit


You can audit your backlink profile with or without NoFollow links. Many believe that NoFollow links can also trigger penalties in Google. Others believe that’s not the case. We support both philosophies. Or do what we call this a “Progressive NoFollow Link Audit”. Do the Follow links first, and then finalize your audit by re-running it for all including NoFollow links as well. Better audit safe than be sorry.

Happy Black Hats

Happy Black Hats


Black hat SEOs use Link Detox not only for recovering their penalized websites. Black Hats also use Link Detox to find patterns in their artificially built link networks and PBNs. Link Detox is the leading product in finding footprints and unnatural links, so this off-label-use is the perfect litmus test for those that chose to challenge Google a little bit more.

Site SEO Audit and Link Risk Management

Google penalizes thousands of websites every day. You don't want your website to be one of them.

To avoid a Google Penalty, you need to do regular backlink audits for your website. Avoid losing money and traffic!

Backlink audit is a painstaking work, unless you have the right tools for it. Link Detox makes your site audit work easy by bringing you backlink data from 24 sources and estimating the probable risk for your domain receiving a Google Penalty.

Link Detox generates a disavow file for you. All you need to do is upload it to your Google Search Console.  You can use the Link Detox Boost tool to make Google take notice of your disavow request sooner.

backlink analysis

Monitoring the links to your site, but also your competitor's links

After performing a site audit, you need to keep an eye on your backlink profile and monitor your backlinks. Link Detox also includes a backlink monitoring tool: Link Alerts. You can set-up alerts for you to get notified when you or your competitors get new backlinks.

Check the quality of your newest backlinks and track your competitor’s links. If your competitors get some strong backlinks, you need to reach out and build them for your website as well.

link monitoring

Competitor Analysis

Get your competitor's strongest backlinks and understand their backlink profiles.

With the Competitive Link Detox, you can compare your own site with 10 competitors and understand what are the normal link ratios in your niche.

This is a great way to find the strong and healthy links of your competition and go after them.

competitor analysis
Link Detox Rankings Recovery


Understand what are the normal link ratios in your niche, compare your site with 10 competitors and outrank them.

Case Studies about Google penalties and successful recoveries

Google Penalty Recovery Case Studies

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Link Detox is trusted by the world’s most respected brands.

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"Link Detox has been precious in analyzing the backlinks of one of our money websites that had been severely hit by Google Penguin. After several months,  we were able to fully recover and we now use LRT to keep the backlink profile under control in case some more bad link show up."

Stefano Romeo, WebPromoter Snc


“Link Detox collects link data from 20+ resources and gets it together by adding priceless metrics like link position/website category/anchor text classification. As a CEO of market leader SEO agency at Turkey, we use LinkResearchTools and we recommend it to all the SEO professionals!”

Yiğit Konur, Founder & CEO, SEOzeo

Recover From a Google Penalty


 The Google Penguin 4.0 real-time update is a real threat to your online business

Use Link Detox - a trusted product built by LinkResearchTools - to detect any bad backlinks that may attract a Google Penguin Penalty.