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Link Audit for Recovery from Google Penguin and Manual Action Penalties

We have helped thousands cleanup their link profiles from risky links.
Every week webmasters recover from Google Penalties with Link Detox.
Implement Your Link Risk Management today with Link Detox to protect your SEO investment.

Google Penguin 3.0

Google Penguin 3.0 Update Released

Recover Your Lost Rankings and Stay There

If Google has penalized your clients’ sites, they’re daily losing traffic and money. You need an SEO recovery plan to save their sites and their business.

Link Detox is the industry-leading solution for link risk analysis and link removal. Every week, dozens of penalties are lifted by Link Detox users.

Empower Your SEO Team to Monitor Your Agencies

Protect your company’s online assets from the risks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Link Detox – the market-leading link audit software. Our tool analyzes your site’s link risk, enabling you to plan link risk mitigation.

Doing so will help you recover from (or avoid) a site traffic penalty that can cost you income and lost ranking in search results. Join the thousands of companies who use our proven technology to find bad links and clean up their sites to recover from (or avoid) Google penalties.

Outrank Competitors by Getting Their Best Links For Your Site

Link Detox is more than an excellent tool for finding, removing and disavowing bad links. It’s also useful for quickly discovering why your competitors are outranking you.

Which links do your competitors have? Find out how to get their best links for yourself.

Adam Mason

Adam Mason

Co Founder of Datify Ltd

“I have used Link Detox from LinkResearchTools since launch, and am still using it today. I can honestly say that it is by far the best and easiest link risk analysis tool available. With the ability to quickly add your own back links from other sources, and add in the disavow tool, it also allows you to create a fantastic report for your clients. Link Detox breaks down every single link so you can easily explain why each link needs to be removed. With the advancement of Link Detox Genesis®, it now requires less of my time to manually go through the links. Link Detox has allowed me to scale penalty recoveries and keep the success rate high.”

Stefano Romeo

WebPromoter Snc

“LRT has been precious in analyzing the backlinks of one of our money websites that had been severely hit by Google Penguin. After several months, and using mainly Link Detox we were able to fully recover and we now use LRT to keep the backlink profile under control in case some more bad link show up.”

Stefano Romeo


Easily find, remove, and disavow risky links that are hurting your site.

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Link Detox is the BEST tool for finding bad links to your website.

Christiaan Bollen

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