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Learn how to identify bad links fast and automated.

Up to 1.8 million data points and dozens of automated rules provide consistent ACCURATE results!

Link Detox Boost® – Helps you Get Rid of a Google Penalty in 3 Days

Speed up your recovery process from a Google Penalty with Link Detox Boost. This new tool works seamlessly with Link Detox and the Link Detox Genesis® algorithm. You can start Link Detox Boost with one click from your Link Detox report. Link Detox Boost also supports custom Disavow Files from other link risk analysis tools. The BOOST tool uses stable technology we have tested & approved for years.


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Introducing: The Link Detox Genesis® Algorithm

Link Detox is now powered by the unique Link Detox Genesis algorithm. This new data-driven organic algorithm helps you spot unnatural links. Link Detox Genesis incorporates user-feedback from thousands of users for hundreds of thousands of websites, and is highly accurate at spotting unnatural links. Link Detox Genesis has been checked and calibrated for the recent Google Penguin 2.1 update, making it the most up to date Link Research Tool for finding links with a high link audit priority.


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Includes Keyword Intelligence for Anchor Texts

Link Detox Genesis also incorporates proven and stable keyword intelligence from the LinkResearchTools main product.
Did you know that the keywords in your links make a big difference in your overall risk assessment?
Link Detox Genesis has pre-classified keyword data for your brand keyword anchor text, and gives you the ability to customize your classification of brand, money, and compound keywords to improve the accuracy of your backlink audits. Link Detox Genesis applies multiple DTOXRISK™ rules that use keyword intelligence for any language and country.

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User Rating for Links and Unlimited Free Re-Processing

Rate links as good or bad by clicking the thumbs up/down icon. If you think it’s good, give us a thumbs up. If the link looks bad then give it a thumbs down. By doing this, it will improve the accuracy of your reports. Link Detox Genesis comes with FREE and UNLIMITED re-processing of Link Detox reports! This means all new ratings, keyword classifications, and disavowed links will be reflected after re-processing is complete and reloaded into your report. This new feature will speed up your workflow by 1000% or more, and save you in Link Detox credits.


Link Detox Risk

Risk Management for your links with the Link Detox Risk Score (DTOXRISK™).

Read more about how you can manage the risk of your links here.

Link Detox Risk

The DTOXRISK™ Breakdown shows the Risk Levels for all your backlinks.

DTOXRISK™ Breakdown

Get the Domain-wide Link Detox Risk (Domain DTOXRISK™) for your link profile.


The Link Detox tool gives you the ability to see which rules have been detected for each link

Your Average Link Detox Risk

Upload and analyze your disavowed or ignored links and exclude them from your reports.

Read everything about about Round Trip Google Disavow Support here.

Link Detox integrates with Google Disavow links tool

Link Detox Google Disavow

How Link Detox works

Simply enter your domain and Link Detox will inform you
about the most "critical" links which should be removed immediately.

The Link Detox tool finds links to your website
and classifies them into High, Medium, and Low Link Audit Priorities.

We analyze every link and apply various Detox Rules to decide the Link Audit Priority.

Evaluate the Link Audit Priorities to your site
and clean up your link profile.

Make sure you identify and clean up all of your links with a High Link Audit Priority

Make sure you further investigate all your links with a Medium Link Audit Priority

Analyze specific URLs in detail by clicking the “+” button

You can see further information in the detail view, such as other domains of link networks.

Contact the relevant webmaster of a site directly through the integrated contact function.

The report overview shows your recent Link Detox reports

Link Detox Report Overview

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LinkResearchTools is trusted by the world’s most respected brands.
Read what our users say about Link Detox.