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If your site has been manually or algorithmically penalized, you’re losing money every day.

You can’t afford to wait.

That’s why we invented Link Detox Boost®. It speeds up the Googlebot re-crawl of your disavowed links. If you have removed and disavowed your bad links, using Boost will help your site recover quicker. In some cases we have seen recovery from a manual penalty in a matter of days.

Features Included in Link Detox Boost

  • Seamless integration with Link Detox and the Link Detox Genesis® algorithm
  • Trigger Link Detox Boost with one click from your Link Detox report
  • Supports custom disavow files from other link risk analysis tools
  • Link Detox Boost speeds up recovery from a Google Penalty
  • Stable technology tested & approved for years

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Link Detox Boost Works – A Real Life Example

A large brand that specializes in Infographics fell from Google results after they were manually penalized. On their own they tried to remove their bad links but failed after two reconsideration requests. They simply couldn’t see all their bad links.

After using Link Detox Genesis, they finally found and disavowed all their bad links. Then they filed their 3rd reconsideration request with Google and ran Link Detox Boost. Google lifted the penalty, and they recovered FULLY within weeks. Two months later they had more traffic than ever.

Happy client skyping Christoph about the success with Link Detox Boost on his algorithmic problem.

Link Detox Boost Works for Google’s Penguin

If your site has lost ranking due to one of Google’s Penguin updates, using Boost will speed up when your site recovers from algorithmic penalties (aka – filters).

Please note: this isn’t a magic wand. You must remove or disavow all bad links for Boost to work. If you don’t, Google will see the same offending links and not remove your penalty. That’s why Boost is only effective when used after a thorough link audit.

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